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 Jeep and Trailer driving lessons + 7.5ton and Trailer driving lessons

               Get your Trailer driver licence with the professionals

If you have any questions or are unsure you need a trailer licence.     Call us on  087 222 6001 / 045937435

Gordy Gray — 5 starTop notch tuition, got me through jeep and trailer 1st time.. Recommend to anyone. While at the test centre he had 2 more first time passers in a car, 3 out of 3 in the space of an hour..results speak for them selfs.. via facebook

You can now sit your trailer driving test in an automatic vehicle and still get an manual licence, if you already have a manual car licence.

Firstly you must have  a Learner permit / licence (BE category) for a trailer. You will need to sit a car Theory Test if you have never done one before.

Once you have your Trailer learner permit you can apply immediately for your Trailer driving test.You can apply yourself or we can do it for you. Waiting times vary from 6 weeks on, this will give you time to prepare for your Test.

The Test is a full driving test and not just about reversing a trailer.


How many lessons depends on the individual usually around 2 lessons coupled with practice will get most experienced trailer drivers throught the test. Clients with no trailer experience will need more.


kda jeep and trailer lessons

No licence may mean no insurance, points on your car licence a fine and a possible driving ban.
                      Check your licence, if you tow a trailer you may need a BE licence.



        Jeep and trailer lessons. Jeep and trailer hire for test.Pretest lessons. Mock trailer tests.
                                          Give Des a call for more info. 0872226001 / 045937435

Get your  trailer licence not the penalties


Choose the best driving school for you.

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