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Pretest specialists

               Pretest Lessons specialists  contact us today for booking

                                         045937435 / 0872226001

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Pretest Lessons

Pretest lessons in both car and Jeep and trailer and Truck.


Pretest lessons are important in preparation for test :


1. Identifies driving errors.


2. Shows learner drivers any driving habits they may have.


3. Corrects any mistakes identified.


4. Explains what the tester is looking for in the driving test.


5. Explains test format.


6. Demonstrates better driving techniques.


7. Helps the Learner practice driving on the test routes.


8. Learners becomes accustomed to driving with instructor/tester.


9. Creates a more competent and safe driver.


10. Helps learner drivers pass the driving test on first attempt.

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