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Beginner Learner driver, Call us now to get started.


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Beginner Driving Lessons

Beginner drivers are easier to teach as they have no driving habits and are usually very eager to learn.

However it's very important they get the correct information, from a patient instructor, who can gradually build their confidence, being over confident can be as dangerous as a very nervous student.


It's easy to see the progression with beginners through each lesson, but no two pupils are the same.This is why we tailor lessons to suit the pupil, some may learn very quick so we can get more learning in a lesson, however some struggle with certain lessons so we may give a student extra time in a lesson  (no charge) to ensure they fully understand what has been covered.


Its important that the student enjoys the lessons in order to make the  learning process easier. This is achieved by a good relationship with the instructor. To make each lesson easier, you will have the same instructor throughout your lessons. You will also get up to 20% off your first insurance when you take lessons with Kda.


When you're ready to begin driving towards your full licence give us a call  and we will look after everything for you including collection and return to your home or place of your choosing.

Looking forward to working with you


Call Des today 045 937435  /  0872226001



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