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                Choose the correct driving school for you.


           Take the worry out of your decision choose KDA.          


                 If you need any more information please contact  Des :         


                                   045937435 / 0872226001


I started Kda driving school back in 2010, at this stage the driving schools in Co Kildare had plenty of work, so some were not giving the students a 100% in their lessons. The pass rates were very low in most categories.

I got the idea to start the driving school when a friend began his driving lessons in a truck , he spoke of his experience of his instructor on his phone, getting fuel, stopping for coffee, during lessons and general lack of interest from instructor. The lesson where also cut 10/15 minutes short  on a regular basis. He failed a number of times going back to the same driving school for every test.

There was not much competition at the time so the driving school were not very upset when he failed.

I have been a professional driver most of my life and I could not understand why someone could fail a driving test so many times, I could understand maybe once due to nerves or lack of concentration. I thought with the correct tuition a student should pass on the first go.

I was right in my thinking, after starting out with just the one car back in 2010, we can now supply lessons and vehicles for all driving categories with the highest pass rates in Kildare.

We have the best instructors who just give it to you straight no BS and leaving  your lessons you know what you need to do for that successful result. The driving test rates in kildare have now steadily raised over the past years and we're going to keep trying to raise them more.



Points to consider when deciding on your driving school:


1. The old saying you get what you pay for, cheap lessons are cheap for a reason. 

2. Have one lesson first before commiting to alot of lessons.

3. Don't pay upfront unless your sure your getting the best.

4. If your dissatisfied, report it, don't let someone else waste their money.

5. Get your full lesson ( not 10 mins instructor on his/her phone)

6. Look for guaranteed testimionials, not just from a fictional John Kate Tom etc.

7. Check is it a reputable business or just a person with a car sign.

8. Agree a price before you commit to lessons.

9. Be sure you like your instructor you'll be spending alot of time with them.

10. Check the car is safe, modern and fitted with dual controls.

11. Check their Adi licence.

12. Change your driving school at any stage if not completely satisfied.


           Enjoy your lessons and your new driving licence.



Check out this pupil's bad experience with a driving school.



Recently a new pupil Mary (not her real name) began having car driving lessons with me, as usual at the first lesson I tried to find out some information about her driving history. Mary told me she had a few lessons from another instructor but she still had no confidence in the car and was actually afraid to drive.

We began our lesson, after a few minutes with Mary I knew we would have to take the lessons at a slower pace to build her confidence or she would not progress.


It was our third lesson, Mary was progressing well and able to drive in quieter areas without much assistance from me.

I noticed Mary's concentration starting to drift away, then she began to seem physically upset, so I asked her to pull in and stop the car. ( I presumed she may have had a personal problem at home) I asked her was she ok, She went on to tell me,


She had got a great deal on lessons over a year ago costing less than the average. Over a six month period she completed  25 lessons yes 25 I couldn't believe it either. She paid over €600 for these lessons and had made little or no progress and then didn't drive for the next six months.

The reason she got so upset, she understood more in 3 lessons with me than she did in 25 and the thoughts of wasting over €600 when she worked so hard to get it and could've really done with the money now to put towards getting a car.

Mary said looking back it was like driving with no one he just told her "turn left/right check your mirrors" and never gave her any detail.


Mary has now bought a little car and got her full licence in Summer 2014.


                              Best of luck to all with your lessons.


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