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Learner drivers really benefit from having a mock test a few weeks before the real driving test as it increases your chances of passing. We would recommend a couple of lessons first to give you a better chance of passing the mock test. It puts the test pressure on the learner so the real test won't feel as difficult. For booking 045937435 / 0872226001

or use our contact form for a free call back.

Mock Tests 



Mock test in both Car and Jeep and trailer.


The mock tests are very important to our learner drivers as :


1. They show the test format.


2. Creates a test atmosphere for learner drivers.


3. Learner drivers can clearly see the mistakes they have made.


4. All mistakes recorded are explained in detail so can be corrected.


5. Lets Learners know if they are ready to sit a driving test.


6. Learner drivers becomes more accustomed to the test environment.


7. Learner drivers are better prepared to sit the drivng test.


8. Helps Learner drivers to pass the driving test first time.


Choose the best driving school for you.

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