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Driver Training & Assessments

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Private assessments

Private driving assessments and retraining in cars, bus and all types of trucks. This is most common with people who need to build confidence in their driving for the busier roads or when going for a new job which includes driving new vehicle types also to bring down fuel and maintenance costs. Insurance companies sometime also ask for an individual to be assessed before providing cover.

Fleet driver assessments

We provide assessments and retraining to companies, when the employees are required to drive as part of their role in the company. 

These assessments uncover any potential problems with the employees driving. We then offer retraining which will result in safer driving practices and reducing running and unforseen costs to the company.

Car - Trailer Towing - Vans - Rigid Truck - Artic Truck - Bus

>Validating licence.                               >New vehicle training.

>Safer driving.                                       >Improve fuel efficiency.  

>Reduce driver stress.                          >More confident drivers.

>Defensive driving techniques.           >Anticipation.

>Reduce Insurance claims.                  >Reduce insurance premiums.

>Eco driving.                                         >Reduce maintenance costs.

>Driver fatigue.                                    >Protect company reputation.


Companies are not the same  so for this reason we would normally  meet with the transport department to discuss the companies requirements. 

We can supply most vehicles or use the company vehicles.          

Choose Kda, your local driving school.

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