Artic Truck Driving Test can now be done in an automatic truck and you will still get a manual and auto artic licence.

Artic truck driving lessons

When you pass your rigid truck driving test you can get your artic learner permit, begin lessons and apply for your Artic Test. We use a Daf cf85 with a full size 45 foot trailer as you need to learn in a full size truck to be confident in driving all Artic Trucks.  The automatic Truck simplifies the test as you will make mistakes with gears, clutch or hillstarts. It allows your full concentration for the driving test.

                                                            Don't just learn how to pass a test.

                      Learn to drive an Artic truck getting instruction from experienced drivers.

        Call Des for more details : 0872226001/ 045937435

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Pretest lessons

Mock Tests

Test Routes

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